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Dog Nail Clippers with Safety Guard

Dog Nail Clippers with Safety Guard

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Item Type: Dog Nailclippers

Material: Stainless Steel

Dog Nail Clippers

Pet Nail Clippers with Safety Guard Razor

suitable for small/ medium/ large dogs or cats.






Professional Quality:

This Dog Nail Clippers used by vets, pet groomers, and animal trainers, these professional pet nail clippers will allow you to easily clip and trim your pet's nails with professional results at home. Get a quick and clean cut every time. No more unevenly cut or broken nails.suitable for small/ medium/ large dogs or cats.

Sharp and Durable Blade:

This dog nail clippers designed according to the special shape of dog nails and made of high-quality stainless steel. to ensure superior quality and long lasting sharpness. They won't rust and will stay sharper for longer, even through heavy use, That's will offer your dog a professional and quick nail trimming at home.

Comfortable Handle:

The pet nail clippers are ergonomically designed with spring-loaded mechanism and comfortable, easy grip & non-slip handle.And the built-in spring device will help to easily control your strength and trim smoothly. provide a natural and incredibly comfortable fit for your fingers reducing hand fatigue.

Safety Guard and Lock:

This small large dog nail clippers is totally a user-friendly design. The movable safety guard keep dogs' nails in a safe range and prevent over cutting. greatly reduce the risk of cutting nails too short to injure your pets While the clipper is not be in use, you can lock the clipper by the safety lock on the handle.and prevent your children from using the cat nail clippers trimmer. The safety lock stops accidents and allows easy storage

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