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Lightweight Long Lasting Portable Outdoor Camping/Hiking Gas Tank Lamp

Lightweight Long Lasting Portable Outdoor Camping/Hiking Gas Tank Lamp

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Type: Campinglight

Brand: Mounthiker

Size: 4.8*3.2*10cm

Item No.: SZK572


Mounthiker Outdoor Camping Gas Lamp Lightweight Portable Emotional Camping Tourist Lamp Energy-saving and Long-lasting Lighting

Brand(브랜드): Mounthiker
Item No. (항목 번호.): SZK572

Item Name(프로젝트 이름): Atmosphere Lamp Series(분위기 램프 시리즈)
Material(옷감): High Temperature Resistant Glass(내고온 유리)/Brass(황동)/
Aluminium Alloy(알루미늄 합금)/Stainless Steel(스테인리스강)

Color(색상): Deep Space Grey(딥 스페이스 그레이) 
Capacity(용량): about 15-20g
Small Air Tank Usage duration(가스탱크 사용 시간): about 2-3 hours

Gas Lamp(가스등): about 108g
Small Air Tank(가스탱크): about 118g
Octagonal Lampshade(팔각 등갓): about 56g

Cup Shaped Lampshade(컵 모양 등갓): about 43g   

Gas Lamp Extension Tube Large(가스등 연장 튜브 큰것): about 63g
Gas Lamp Extension Tube Small(가스등 연장 튜브  작은것): about 49g


Gas Lamp(가스등): 4.8*3*10cm
Small Air Tank(가스탱크): 5*4.5cm
Octagonal Lampshade(팔각 등갓): 5*13*3cm
Cup Shaped Lampshade(컵 모양 등갓): 5.5*12.5*3cm

Gas Lamp Extension Tube Large(가스등 연장 튜브 큰것): 22.7*1.8cm
Gas Lamp Extension Tube Small(가스등 연장 튜브  작은것): 15.7*1.8cm

Notice 1: There is error in manual measurement, please refer to the actual product
참고 1: 수동 측정에 오차가 있습니다. 실제 제품 참조

Notice 2: The use time subject to the actual use time of the product
참고 2: 사용 시간은 제품의 실제 사용 시간을 기준으로 한다

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