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Quality Beech Walnut Kitchen Wooden Chopping Blocks

Quality Beech Walnut Kitchen Wooden Chopping Blocks

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Packaging: Single Piece Package

Material: Wood

Type: Chopping Blocks




Buyers please note
Wooden features:
Made of natural walnut, each texture is a masterpiece of nature and cannot be copied
Maintenance wood:
Clean with vegetable oil or olive oil after receiving the goods. Do not soak in water. For cleaning, please wipe with a towel and place in a cool and ventilated place.
Woodware use:
1. The use of microwave ovens is prohibited
2. Don't put it beside high temperature or heating
3. Avoid direct sunlight
4. Forbid cleaning with bleach
5. It is forbidden to soak in water with a detergent
6. It is forbidden to clean with hard objects such as iron wire
7. Avoid falling or bumping


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